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Total Health Care for Your Pets

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Total Health Care for Your Pets
Veterinary Services - Madison Veterinary Clinic in Madison GA

Veterinary Services

Our office may be state-of-the-art, but the way we treat our patients and their families is old-fashioned. We will get to know you, call you by name, and treat you like family. At Madison Veterinary Clinic, you get the best of both worlds: compassionate, personalized care and high-tech services.


Wellness Exams

Pets need regular wellness exams just like you do. Problems detected early are generally more easily treated and resolved. At these exams, we check on your pet’s health, give vaccinations when required, and provide heartworm prevention or other care as indicated.


When you bring your sick pet into our clinic, you want to know exactly what’s wrong and how to help them feel better. Dr. Hall understands. We will examine your furry friend and perform any necessary tests. Our digital x-ray system emits much lower levels of radiation than traditional x-rays, and it provides detailed images we can share with you on the computer. Our on-site lab allows us to check blood chemistries for any changes. These on-site tools aid us in providing the care your pet needs to feel better faster!

Therapeutic Laser

Unlike surgical lasers, our therapeutic laser is a cold laser. Treatment with this laser can alleviate pain and speed healing. It can be used to treat infections, speed healing after surgery, to relieve and/or lessen pain, and so much more. This works very well for cats because there aren’t many pain control options approved for them.


Your pet’s overall health can be affected by its dental health. Annual oral exams and cleaning allow us to remove plaque and tartar and visually check teeth and gums. Anesthesia is used to ensure our patients’ cooperation. If you observe that your pet has broken or loose teeth, abnormal chewing, reduced appetite, pain or bleeding from their mouth, or swelling around their mouth, don’t wait for the annual exam to have their dental health checked.



Critical Care

Unlike emergency care, critical care focuses on pets who have experienced a serious trauma or medical problem that can likely be resolved in our Madison, GA, clinic. We can provide pain control, diagnostics, vital sign monitoring, and more.

Boarding Services

Whether you are going on vacation or for a weekend away, count on Madison Veterinary Clinic to care for your dog or cat! Have peace of mind knowing your pet is safe and having fun while in our care.

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